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We match you with other users based on your current location, status or even mood, so you can make new friends in an instant! Chat, flirt, date and meet awesome guys and girls nearby! Use our easy, one-click search to find singles that match your desires – no need to type anything! Send cheeky flirts – no typing here either! Send messages and chat in an easy conversation view – it’s like free texting! Send private pic and video messages? Get notifications about new flirts when the app is not active? Safe and secure – no need to give out your phone number or exact whereabouts. Virtual Gifts – from a cheap ice-cream to a valuable diamond? Import your profile pic from facebook Other things you need to know:

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Part 1 is here , part 2 is here. You can donate to Way Out Arts here. Patricia provided the pancakes on the veranda, and by 8. As in many tropical cities, the drive to higher ground brought cooler, cleaner air and bigger houses.

Nominate Your Favorite Blogs for the K-Blog Awards Nominations open until Dec. 2! Add your nominees that deserve to win this year’s K-Blog Awards by leaving the blog’s name, a witty description of it and photos that would best represent them on the message board below.

Posted on 9 January, by Nick Bullock Tides, my second book is due to be published by Vertebrate Publishing and on the shelves in May. The cover is an ink by Tessa Lyons which I think is wonderful. Tessa did such a great job, as everyone at Vertebrate Publishing have done and who are, of course, still doing. My initial draft was words, the final draft is approximately 95 words which means there are a load of prose not included. So on a run-up to Tides being published, I thought I publish some out-takes here as a bit of a teaser.

This number 1 is a mish-mash of an essay I wrote that was first published in the CC journal and some of it was also published in Echoes.

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Getting married, having babies. There is surprisingly a lot of debate on the Net about whether this video is “real” or “fake. The video originated from a homemade TV “pilot” shot in by Selected Hilarity Comedy Group , which consisted of four friends and me from the University of North Carolina.

UK Dating Awards, shortened to the UKDAs, are annual awards given for excellence in the British dating UKDAs were first conferred in The nominations in each category are generated by self-entry. Entries are then shortlisted, and winners voted on by a panel of industry experts.

Our news team bring you daily topical news items from around the globe. Enjoy, share and get involved! Jim, a born and bred Texan, is from the other side. Jiab is quiet, serious, and reserved. German Expat Living in Jordan – Interview with Bastian 7 months ago Bastian is adventurer, loves exploring new places and taking pictures. He has been living in Jordan with his family since October He has lived in Jordan previously from Bastian’s expat blog is called Living in Jordan as Expat see listing After graduating from college and getting her TEFL certification, she moved abroad to teach English and learn Italian.

She currently works as a English teacher at a private school in the city center American Expat Living in Germany – Interview with Cherie 11 months ago Cherie and Dirk met online several years ago and started dating.

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Ben Chestnut of MailChimp Posted by Admin There are many tools these days that allow entrepreneurs to run their businesses with ease. MailChimp is one of them. Founded in , the marketing platform allows you to automate email campaigns. Ben Chestnut, co-founder of MailChimp, gives the scoop on how to run a creative business that was once a failed project.

Chestnut worked in web design in his early days and set his hopes on being a cartoonist among other things.

Leather & Lace Advice nominated for a Great Dating Blog Award Leather & Lace Advice nominated for a Great Dating Blog Award Leather and Lace Advice. Advice for relationships, friendships, love, intimacy. Follow Us! Home;.

Written by Tamarin Fountain The ability to search based on age and even limit who can contact you based on age, is important to online daters. So much so, these are some of the most requested site features. This is a hot topic and ripe for discussion. With that in mind, here are some of the questions you might have, when thinking about dating someone much older or younger than you.

Some people get on far better with people older or younger than themselves and for them, an age gap feels natural. Who does it matter to? Many of the people close to you will have their opinions, some based purely on their pre-existing expectations for your life, while for others it may pose practical issues. Perhaps you have a crowd of friends younger than you, and you begin dating someone a generation older than them.

Sometimes family members too can have strong reactions, particularly if you begin dating someone older, with children around the same age as you are. What are the challenges? The main issue to consider with an age gap is:

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The Language of Admissions My daughter, who is a sophomore International Affairs major at UGA, probably thinks she can hold her own in a hospital operating room. Because being a Grey’s Anatomy fangirl has taught her all the medical lingo she would ever need in this life. Words like V-Fib, central line, metastasis, Pre and Post-Op, and phrases such as “I need a ten-blade and cc’s of epi stat” can just roll off her tongue.

Me, I am terrified of blood, and almost all medical terms just go right over my head, even with a wife who is a nurse. In the same way, a number of occupations and offices have their own language.

The Muddy Matches Dating Blog has been nominated for the Great Dating Blog Awards in the category of Best Niche Dating Blog. The prestigious and independent award has been running for three years and recognises the best dating advice blogs from across the internet.

As an integrated agency, we partner closely with our clients on a wide range of content programs. Part of being a dedicated, responsive content provider is learning about how others in the industry are delivering on their own initiatives. So, recently, a few of us here attended a Publicity Club of New England seminar on content marketing.

Here are the top 9 takeaways from that content marketing session. Prior to publishing any content, develop a style book that will guide the overall tone of your company. You should base the tone off of specific adjectives you think best represent the company. Having these key words in the back of your mind while creating content will ensure you have a consistent voice and personal embodiment of the tone you are trying to get across to the audience.

Remember that this also applies to audio. If you are creating a podcast , for example, make sure that the music and voice you use is consistent in every episode. In order to create content that stands out from the rest, you need to first hook your reader. You can do this through having a clear idea of the audience you are targeting and understanding what is most important to them. Not all platforms will be appropriate and choosing which platform s serve your content best will be the difference between getting it shared widely within a network and having it sit without eliciting much engagement.

Next time you create a piece of content, think about the innate properties of it and then determine which platform serves it best i. Echoing the sentiment of 3, while Facebook Live has its time and place, there is no one-size-fits all solution.

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Date Ideas Meaningful Dating Meet genuine singles who are looking to date with the intention and the willingness to commit to a long-term relationship. Meet someone worth meeting! Profile Verification Our profile verification service helps ensure you receive a greater level of interest and better communication. Leading to more dates! Easy Browsing Browse user profiles at your own pace.

The Awards recognised dating companies and experts in 26 different categories, including best online dating site, best magazine for dating advice, and best dating blog. After two successful years of the UK Dating Awards, Charly took the Awards to the European mainland in June and then to the US in September of the same year.

Now, one or two reviews do not constitute a critical consensus … and I daresay Mr. But the opinions of more objective and critical evaluators offer a salutary antidote to this sort of bootlicking. May 5, — A Visit to Quebec I have just returned from a quick trip to a place of great significance in the life of H.

Lovecraft—none other than Quebec, a city he ranked only third behind Providence and Charleston among his favourite places in the North American continent. Along with his camera man, Ben Wong, and his sound man, Adrian Pop, we tramped all around Quebec over the course of two full days Saturday, April 28, and Sunday, April 29 , as well as filming a separate interview on more general matters pertaining to Lovecraft.

The following picture shows me admiring the spectacular interior of a church: Unfortunately, I cannot recall which church this was! It could not have been the Anglican Cathedral which HPL admired , since we went there on Sunday afternoon, only to find it closed.


YouTube Winner in YouTube Presence About this entry In , Great Big Story aimed to double its video performance metrics while continuing steady growth in viewer engagement, notably time spent per view and viewer retention. At year beginning, its YouTube subscriber base hovered around , from original story uploads. Why does this entry deserve to win? Ascribing rationales to the video consumption patterns of a brand’s audience can be difficult, especially in the age of shifting algorithms and low consumer trust in the media.

Rather than chase virality, Great Big Story was focused on steady audience growth and building stronger connections through stories of substance from around the world. The content cadence and cinematic quality that has become the company’s calling card would not change, however its approach to uncovering audience behaviors and creating appointment-based binge viewing opportunities would take greater precedence.

Dating Advice DATING ADVICE – Put Down The Wedding Magazines! Following on from my last post – The Vanishing Romeo – going forward I’ll be answering some of the dating questions I get emailed in over the blog, as I think a lot of readers have the same dating questions and problems 🙂 If you have a question you’d like an opinion on.

Orange Liqueur Awards June 3rd, So after several months, 23 different spirits and countless cocktails, what has my orange liqueur odyssey taught me? I love Margaritas , Pegu Clubs and Sidecars as much as the next cocktail nerd , but I also love variety and after trying so many different variations on the same theme I did find myself tiring. If nothing else it has reinforced the fact that I have come across time and time again when making cocktails — that every single ingredient in a cocktail has a major part to play in the final taste of the drink.

All of the triple secs in the comparison matched a general profile similar to my original definition of being clear, relatively dry and with bitter orange hints. The short answer is to experiment until you find something that works. With that said, I found that there were certain liqueurs that really stood out during the comparison, and with that in mind I present The Great Oh Gosh!

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UGA is planning on releasing the EA decisions on the Status page on Friday, November 17 in the late afternoon unless some serious problem arises, which I do not expect. If this changes, we will let you know, but this is the plan at this time. If there are issues, the release date and time would then be a little later, either over the weekend or the early part of the next week. We will post a message here when it opens up.

We are excited about this, and I am guessing you are as well, and hopefully it will allow for a little less nerve-wracking Thanksgiving break for some of you.

Dating Goddess: As explained in her Adventures in dating after 40, mature dating sometimes comes with a few unexpected twists, the best way to get past them is by sharing and no blog is better at providing honest, thoughtful musings on dating for 40+ than this.

A New Home for Hope: For nearly two decades, our nonprofit organization has occupied the five-story brick building at the corner of Washington and Prince streets in the heart of Old Town. Our new, more modern headquarters, at John Carlyle St. Best of all, it will unite our entire staff of employees under one roof with room to grow. For the last nine years, many of us have worked at an annex office building on King Street.

Clark, president and CEO. This corps of retired law enforcement officers with experience in child abduction cases rapidly deploys in critically missing children cases to help law enforcement in the search. Our Team Adam consultants live all over the United States, enabling them to respond to scenes more quickly. Team HOPE has also become an integral part of our organization and provides comfort to grieving families, connecting them to peers who have walked in their shoes.

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Every year, thousands of marketers and their peers gather to learn, inspire, and network. That last one — networking — gets a lot of us pretty excited. And personally, if I’m really into an event and I’m feeling super energetic, I love to network.

LWA/The Image Bank/Getty Images Part PostSecret, Twitter and dating blog, Nerve’s dating site members post succinct yet telling confessions about their dating and sex lives, such as who they wish would contact them, why they regret not dating someone, or what it .

Forget leading actor and actress, here are some alternative award categories from Sunday evening’s ceremony that deserve an honourable mention. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nothing to see here Just Jimmy Kimmel and a giant Oscar. Most elephants in the room shot The opening monologue is always the biggest part of the Oscar host’s job, as it has to spin several plates: Kimmel tackled them head-on – “this year, when you hear your name called, don’t get up right away” – and he mentioned Weinstein by name.

There was no joke, just a straight, “we can’t let bad behaviour slide anymore. Best Googling After a barnstorming few minutes on stage after accepting her long-predicted best actress Oscar, Frances McDormand left with two words: Many covering the event thought she had said “inclusion writer”, but actually she was referring to a proposal circulating that, where appropriate, actors include a clause in their contract that their films feature a cast that broadly represents the actual social make-up of their society.

Google even retweeted a graphic showing the surge in interest in the term, which can’t only have come from journalists writing pieces like this. Report Moreover, McDormand’s speech is likely to be remembered as the highlight of the whole evening. She began by saying she was “hyperventilating,” but added that if she fell down, “pick me up because I have things to say.

White men better than Asian? (S’pore Blog Awards Pt 2)