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I Abaga in an interview with Funsho Arogundade of P. M News spoke on his upcoming album, new singles, Wizkid, Ice Prince and the artiste he signed to Loopy Music and more! How far gone are you in the work on your next album? It is almost ready and I am already excited about the new work, especially with the various ideas that I have managed to infuse into the album. We are releasing some singles very soon. I can assure my fans and music lovers generally that they will find the new work more interesting than my last two albums. The album will be released in a matter of months. Do you have more collaboration on this new album?

Rapper MI Abaga Shares Insight On The Origin Of Rap

I Abaga, is a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and record producer. He rose to prominence in when his song “Crowd Mentality” became popular in his hometown of Jos. His critically acclaimed debut studio album, Talk About It, was released on 11 December The LP was succeeded by M.

MI Abaga’s ex sends him a loving birthday message ‘We may have failed as lovebirds but true friends never stop loving each other’ Today, Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga turns 37 and his ex-boo, Erica Okundaye had some sweet words for him.

Must Read This poem was published on MI’s website.. It is so touching and deep and is dedicated to all those who are being killed daily by Boko haram, those who have lost their lives and the over girls still missing while their parents ,friends, families spend sleepless nights ,wondering what is happening to those girls A Poem For The Dead and Dying Someone should write a poem, for all the dead and dying; Of how inside their homes, the blood is red and drying.

Of how night came upon them, with flames and desolation. Of faces fraught with terror, and fear and resignation. Someone should write the words, to comfort the bereaved Who saw what knives and swords, had done.

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He attended Baptist High School, Jos where his mother purchased basic music notations and later, a 7-key mini piano which launched him into the music world. Finding his place in an industry dominated by the likes of Modenine, Ruggedman and Eedris Abdulkareem, he quickly commenced the production of mixtapes with his friend Djinee. A proficient producer, lyricist, songwriter and instrumentalist, M.

I has been described by DIV[who?

Jude Abaga professionally know as M I Abaga is a Nigerian hip-hop recording artist and song writer born on the 4th October, MI who says he might be walking down the aisle soon prefers to keep his relationship private, with time we’ll know.

They settled to the east of ancient Elam during the period of instability and migration which occurred throughout the Middle East between BC. During this same period other tribal groups such as the Aramaeans and the Sea Peoples were causing chaos further west. Despite occasional theories which have them descending from the Caucuses, the Persians were clearly of Indo-Iranian stock, an Indo-European grouping which formed in Central Asia, somewhere between modern Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

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MI Abaga poses with Jon Snow of Game of Thrones (photos)

This impact threw up the massive chain of mountains known as the Himalayas. The Himalayas, Greater Khingan and Lesser Khingan mountains act like a high wall, blocking the warm and wet climate from penetrating into Central Asia. The Mongolian climate was more humid hundreds of thousands of years ago. Mongolia is known to be the source of priceless paleontological discoveries. The first scientifically confirmed dinosaur eggs were found in Mongolia during the expedition of the American Museum of Natural History , led by Roy Chapman Andrews.

The Chairman was supported by two promotional singles. On March 19, , M.I released the first promotional single"Chairman”, which was initially announced as the album’s lead single.

By BukiHQ Media Previous Next What do you envision when you think of a concert with two of the greatest musical artistes ever produced from the soils of Nigeria? All of it and more makes no attempt to cover the entirety of the Buckwyld n Breathless: It was intriguing , exciting, and the energy emanating from the auditorium was astronomical! In matter of hours, the Convention centre was sold out.

The cleverly scripted concert showcased the beauty of Africa with its variety of multi talented entertainers from dancers to an amazing 20 piece band and a delectable array of superstars. Despite there being no table arrangements, the auditorium was structured in a way that granted VIP guests the privacy they required and still successfully kept the regular ticket guests locked in on the excitement of the concert.

It certainly is an herculean task to choose who the better performer was between the show’s headliners; 2Baba and MI Abaga as both artistes allowed themselves to be absorbed in the performances thus making themselves one with the stage. MI Abaga’s lengthy performance on stage never got boring as song after song, he took the audience on a nostalgic journey through his career with songs from his debut album to the most recent singles.


What most fans do not know is that some of these stars have siblings or a twin in the same or a different entertainment industry. Below are some celebrities siblings and or twins: They have a couple of hit singles to their names. These brothers were born in the s in Oyo state. They have released a couple of chart-topping hits such as Stamina, B. If you are familiar with Nollywood movies, then the Aneke twins should be popular faces.

MI Abaga: Enter Yxng DxnzL The Rap Messiah. Juliet Ibrahim’s reaction to ex-beau’s photo. Dating Michael Essien was sweet but rapper DBlack is a cheat – Princess Shyngle. Ebony’s Father suspects Bullet killed his daughter. Actor Lilwin Enstooled Nkosuohene of Duaponpo [Photo] Joselyn Dumas denies ‘dating’ John Dumelo.

November 30, at Is she not a woman as well? She can leave if she wants to. Besides we have only heard one side of the story. We need to understand that the other two people in this dilemma are humans too with friends and family and can get hurt by our judgemental comments. I went to amazon and I was getting a message that its not available for my country. ThatGreenTea November 30, at I got mine off Kobo books though. I had to pause though in the early chapters when she was narrating her childhood.

It hit me hard. From that point to now, you have to understand that she really pulled more than her fair share. Chai, the babe was too lost. I hope she has found her way sha. Therefore, l will try and school you.

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He also said he used to play local drums at a church in London. Those days are clearly behind him as he has hit singles and an awesome debut album under his belt now. That way, I gathered money to pay for studio recording time.

Chizo performed alongside acts like mi abaga,Jesse jags, ice prince, olamide,phyno and more. Mentored by acts like 2pac,Eminem, Lil Wayne, Dmx,,kenye west,Big Notorious, and Nas and his biggest music influences.

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MI reacts to Banky W staking his career on a political ambition

You feel like you have to wear a mask. Does it feel like they are trying to mold you into an entirely different person? If so, it might be time to let them go.

This report comes just around the time the actress revealed that the next man she’d be dating should be prepared to share her with someone else since men also wants ladies to accept them with side chicks. MI Abaga reacts to Banky W’s political ambition.

Lately fans have been encouraging some of their favourite single celebrities to get married. What could possibly be delaying these celebrity bachelors that every single Nigerian lady is dreaming to be the special woman in their lives? Lack of a beautiful bride? Whatever may be the case, here is our list of eligible celebrity bachelors: Don Jazzy whose real name is Micheal Collins Ajereh is an exceptionally gifted individual. Often wonder how he did it despite his status, is he practically running away from the ladies — I did not mean that literally though.

Well, we hope to hear the good news soon.