Instead the “ranks” of its members are distinguished by the colors of the uniforms, while people in leading positions are referred to as “commander” and “captain” in a respectful way. Most ZAFT forces are organized into independent teams which are named after their commanders. Since nearly all ZAFT members are Coordinators , they are able to fight the numerically superior EA forces on equal grounds, thanks to their superior physical and mental abilities. Officer Characteristics Ranks Captain Title, with which officers in charge of a particular military vessel, such as battleships, land carriers, or submarines, are addressed with. Commander Title given to people who are in charge of one of ZAFT’s teams, which are frequently formed, dissolved, and rearranged. The team is identified by the name of its leader, hence “Le Creuset-team”, “Zala-team”, and “Joule-team”. He or she will be responsible for developing the appropriate strategies to use those resources to carry out the tasks assigned to him or her by the chairman or high-ranked military officers. Uniforms As stated above, military achievements and ranks of individual persons are shown by the color of their uniforms. Green Worn by common soldiers, technicians, or mobile suit pilots. The jackets on the standard green uniforms stretch to just past the pelvic areal; they are shorter than the mid-thigh length of the other uniform colors.

Future Mai

He is known for his witty news reporting and sound knowledge regarding the contemporary socio-political scenarios. The reporter was also married to Morning Joe’s co-host Mika Brzezinski for more than two decades. Jim has accumulated his net worth from his journalism career.

Jun 16,  · Also I believe that the bases can still be defined in a homosexual relationship. 1st is still making out, 2nd groping, 3rd base is oral sex, and 4th base is .

At the beginning of the occupation of Japan , in , many U. Other controversial incidents include helicopter crashes, the Girard incident , the Michael Brown Okinawa assault incident , the death of Kinjo family and the death of Yuki Uema. In February , a year-old U. Marine based on Okinawa was arrested in connection with the reported rape of a year-old Okinawan girl.

Clyde “Drew” Gunn, a U. Army soldier stationed at Torii Station was involved in a hit-and-run accident of a pedestrian in Yomitan Village on Okinawa. Later, in April , the soldier was charged with failing to render aid and vehicular manslaughter. Gunn, of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, was eventually sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in jail on 15 October Both admitted committing the crime.

Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty

Sharp[ edit ] In , Hisense received a five-year licence to use the Sharp brand on televisions in the Americas. Hisense also bought a Sharp factory in Mexico. Sharp accused Hisense of damaging its brand equity by utilizing its trademarks on products it deemed to be “shoddily manufactured”, including those that it believed to have violated U. Hisense denied that it engaged in these practices, and stated that it planned to defend itself in court and “will continue to manufacture and sell quality televisions under the Sharp licensed brands.

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She enjoys visiting the Solaceon Town Ruins. Contents [ show ] Appearance Cynthia is a tall, slender young lady. She has long, wavy, creamy blonde hair and small gray eyes, black straight leg trousers, a long black coat with a V neck and black fur rimming the cuffs and running down the end of the coat and a large teardrop shaped ornament on the center of the coat, probably used as a fastener, she also dons a black top underneath. Her outfit is finished with black kitten heels and a yellow stripe on each shoes.

For accessories she wore a large, black feathery ruff around her neck with 2 hair clips in her hair, both resembling two teardrop-shaped object conjoined with a pale yellow stripe. Personality Cynthia is seen to be a nice person. She helps out trainers who look up to her, and would give them tips and facts for their journey. She is fond of ice cream, and is almost always seen eating one.

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Edit Turians typically stand over six feet tall, have two long, proportionately thick fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, each tipped with talons, and a set of mandibles around their mouths. The most distinguishing feature of turians is their metallic carapace, which contains trace amounts of thulium. The turians evolved this trait as a defense against the greater levels of solar radiation that penetrate their homeworld ‘s weak magnetic field. Turian features are avian , making them resemble humanoid birds or raptors, however unlike most Earth avian creatures, turians are viviparous and give birth to live young.

Turians are also recognisable by their voices, which have a distinctive flanging effect. Males and females do not differ greatly in physical appearance, but female turians lack the crest of horns found in the males of the race.

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Share An Arvus Lighter delivering supplies to Anphelion Base The Arvus Lighter is a small, general purpose cargo shuttle that is widely used by the Imperium of Man for many tasks, both in space and on the surface of planets. The Arvus is just one of many types of small, void-capable shuttles used by the Imperium. The Arvus is piloted by a single pilot, and is not equipped with any weapon systems, in fact, the Arvus possesses only the most basic navigation equipment, external sensors, and proximity alarms.

The Arvus has a powerful engine that allows it to carry heavy cargo to and from a planet’s surface. An Arvus that was shot down by an Eldar Nightwing on the planet Betalis III The Arvus is mostly used as a cargo shuttle, ferrying supplies and sometimes personnel from ship-to-ship and from high orbit to the surface of planets. The Arvus can also be used to transport cargo and personnel already on the planet to different locations on the surface if the terrain is too treacherous.

The shuttle can be modified to carry special types of cargo, such as replacing the cargo bay with a fuel tanker or expanding it to carry larger loads.


The Ghoulfriends – The franchise’s main crew, consisting of the seven most featured female characters, both fiction-wise and doll-wise. These seven also often interact closely within the fiction. Monster High students – The Monster High student body minus the ghoulfriends, which makes up most of the primary cast of Monster High. This section includes former backgrounders and semi-backgrounders, as well as characters exclusive to the Ghoulfriends book series.

Other students – Characters who attend high school, but who do not attend Monster High. Most of these characters only appear once in the fiction, but the section also contains students who have not been confirmed to attend Monster High yet or who have left Monster High.

Overview. ZAFT is a military organization and the official military of the PLANT colonies. Unlike the Earth Alliance’ OMNI Enforcer, ZAFT is a militia made up of civilian volunteers and thus has no formal d the “ranks” of its members are distinguished by the colors of the uniforms, while people in leading positions are referred to as “commander” and “captain” in a respectful way.

By the end of the evening, the guests in the club were really loaded. It’s bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and there are two outs. He was playing with loaded dice and won a fortune. The Unfinished Autobiography, page 80 , If you add to this the fact that the magistrate and the police sergeant are close friends, then the dice could not have been more loaded against my client. Odes and Epodes, page , Horace has been crippled by being set off against the ‘sincerity’ and ‘spontaneity’ of these two; when it comes to the Greek lyricists, the dice are even more loaded against our poet, for the Greeks have not only spontaneity and sincerity on their side, but a phalanx of yet more formidable allies […].

That interviewer is tricky; he asks loaded questions. It was a loaded question, one supporters have pondered often over the last couple of years, and the answer, or the lack of one, felt loaded as well. Sometimes used loosely to describe a word that simply has many different meanings. Diversity in Theory and Style, page 30 , The more loaded phrase is the middle one, “she slit his gullet,” since it captures a sense of crudeness and suddenness that the other two do not.

She went all out; her new car is loaded.


Transformers are lovable couples , peaceful creatures , adolescents or omnicidal maniacs. Regardless of continuity, the most distinctive facet of Transformers society has been its near-continuous state of planetary Civil War. The two major factions in these wars are the Autobots and the Decepticons. The conflict is mostly defined by what each faction believes is the “destiny” of the Transformers: The fact that the vast majority of what we know about Transformers has been shaped by this constant, corrosive warfare should not be overlooked.

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History[ change change source ] An Old Firm clash in The Old Firm have a lot of history, possibly dating back to around , Celtic’s first match, which was against Rangers, when a newspaper report stated that both sets of players “got on so well that you would believe that they were old firm friends. Murray states that the term comes from the commercial benefits of the two clubs’ rivalry, which were viewed with distaste in some parts in the early days of the game [1] The two clubs are the most successful in Scotland, having won between them 63 Scottish Cups and 93 Scottish Premier League championships as of The clubs’ have large support bases around Glasgow, but also have supporters clubs in most towns throughout Scotland and in many cities around the world.

Celtic are supported by Catholics , while Rangers are supported by Protestants. Players[ change change source ] There have been many high profile players to play for both sides of the Old Firm. Kenny Miller is the first player in the modern era to cross the Old Firm divide twice, having played for Rangers then Celtic, then moving back to Rangers. Donald Publishers; Atlantic Highlands, N.

Dating the Tirukkural

Time in modern physics In the late nineteenth century, physicists encountered problems with the classical understanding of time, in connection with the behavior of electricity and magnetism. Einstein resolved these problems by invoking a method of synchronizing clocks using the constant, finite speed of light as the maximum signal velocity. Two-dimensional space depicted in three-dimensional spacetime.

The past and future light cones are absolute, the “present” is a relative concept different for observers in relative motion. All else is non-observable and within that set of events the very time-order differs for different observers.

The Old Firm is the name given to the relationship between two football teams in Scotland, possibly dating back to around , Celtic’s first match, The two clubs’ fan bases have historically been divided on religious lines.

Edit Earth in Mankind’s first ventures into space were tentative and gradual. The early part of the 21st century saw the first manned spaceflights beyond the moon, but it took major population and economic problems to stimulate enough commercial commitment to start settlements beyond Earth. It had a constitution and laws derived from the earlier powers, but much simplified. The rise of the corporations, the discovery of the first fossils on Mars, and the explosive exploration triggered by the invention of the hyperdrive by Li Qin Jao and others in the 22nd century, first by unmanned probes, then with manned craft, overtaking the generation ships sent in the previous decades.

Despite the huge dangers involved, a massive land-grab followed, fuelled by the voracious corporations. After a short conflict the Taylor Colony in Tau Ceti which had been ignoring Earth’s demands to stop killing the native wildlife to near extinction levels over a period of approximately 20 years became the first signatory outside the Sol system.

Sol and Tau Ceti were soon joined by Delta Pavonis , Altair , and Beta Hydri , and these five systems are today regarded as the founding members of the Federation. A distant early colony, formed by a band of political idealists as far from Earth as they could manage, in the system of Achenar would eventually spark another defining moment for the Federation and indeed humanity as a whole. From the very beginning, long before the Empire or Alliance existed, it took upon itself the task of policing the galaxy and being the peacekeepers.

While sometimes not in the best interests of minor factions involved, the decisions made by the Federation are usually made for the benefit of its citizens. The original colonial charters of many settlements granted hereditary land and position to families descended from their original settlers. Many of these birthright claims extended across vast areas of land and encompassed massive resources.

What Are The Sexual Bases?