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This one was sold last year on Ebay, fairly quickly. This telescope is a single draw with an oak barrel, a design that suggests it is earlier in date maybe, but the format was a popular design for shipboard use. But having seen many other JP Cutts telescopes, I have never seen the engraving using any different better spacing. He was apprenticed as an optical craftsman with the Sheffield company of Proctor and Beilby: In his later advertising Cutts suggests that he started his business in ie aged Around , he moved the business to Division Street, Sheffield, and it remained there until his death.

In addition to optical instruments, Cutts manufactured metal implements such as razors, knives, powder flasks, and liquor flasks. That year he entered a trademark as a spectacle case manufacturer, with an address of 3 Crane Court, Fleet Street. He was also said to have had a branch office in New York, briefly.

During the s, Cutts became associated with James Chesterman Chesterman invented a number of devices, including the spring tape measure and a self-winding window blind. Another partner, James Bedington ca. Chesterman took over the former business, and remained in Sheffield for many decades:

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All items on the site are original and backed by a money back guarantee. I would be most happy to buy similar, original Home Front items, either single items or entire collections or come and see me at many of the leading militaria fairs. Their efficacy was questionable but acted as a useful deterrent and morale boosting employment of the HG. Excellent, clean condition with diagrams and gate-fold pull outs, very slight rusting of staples.

Boxed roll of ” Pelmex ” ARP window strip.

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Commercial yes Interia, formerly Interia. It offers, among others: The list of its services includes the national and international headlines in the Polish language followed by business news, sports, motorization and new technologies, as well as online games , blogs , chat rooms , internet forums and a shopping arcade, not to mention the streaming radio and Internet television channels. Interia hosts one of Polish online encyclopedias , the Encyklopedia Internautica and the thematic catalogue of websites.

It features also the weather info, astrology, virtual greeting cards popular locally, and hundreds of online chats czaterie with the “KidProtect” option. Spammers frequently link to its free sub-domains in their spam campaigns to avoid having their messages easily detected as junk and automatically blocked. Although, there are many legitimate webpages as well as services listed at Interia or perhaps because of it , spammers sign up for its free accounts in volumes similar to GeoCities Yahoo!

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Liked Times in 11 Posts For new members looking for date of manufacture info how to find your serial number For new members looking for date of manufacture information, we need your serial number. Sometimes the serial number location can be confusing. Revolvers are often stamped or etched with many numbers, but only one set is your serial number. For modern Smith and Wesson revolvers, the serial number is located on the butt of the revolver.

Often the grip will cover the number. The serial number can also be found on the frame behind the yoke for some models.

World Dating Site. Some are pretty huge with highly recognizable names and some have a Christian dating section. An arranged marriage appears to be the best possible way to avoid the arduous chore of having to impress someone and go directly to the “good things”.

That’s exactly the kind of info I’ve been trying to find. Do you know approximately what years they were made with Kersey wool? I realize this thread is stale, but I just came across this site, and knowing a few things about Navy peacoats, thought I might answer your question. Hope you come back and see the answer. The “Kersey” wool coats were in production until approximately when a new contract was let, specifying a different wool.

This wool is a “Melton” wool, and is a lighter and more fuzzy wool than the old thick and smooth type wool previously used. Although the old wool was not always called “Kersey” it was the same dense heavy wool until replaced by the Melton wool, which is, and has been, used in the current issue coats for the last 25 years. As the Melton wool is not as thick and warm, the current issue coats have a layer of insulation between the liner and the shell to make them as warm as the Kersey coats.

The first contractor to manufacture the new coats was Vi-Mil, Inc. I can’t remember if they are still in business, but I did know that at one time. The current contract holder is SterlingWear of Boston, which makes an excellent “new” peacoat.

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MFR is based on the principle that the recipient’s body will give the practitioner feedback on the areas that need work and the amount of stretching needed and that the fascia will release at its own rate.

The ISBP, as it is commonly called, provided an intelligent checklist of items document checkers could refer to in determining how ICC’s rules on documentary credits, at the time called UCP , applied in daily practice. As such, it filled a needed gap in the market between the general principles in the UCP and the daily job of the practitioner.

Though much of the ISBP remains unchanged from the version, certain alterations have had to be made. These are essentially to remove paragraphs from ISBP where the principle has been incorporated in UCP ; to make technical adjustments in capitalization; to substitute UCP article references for those of UCP ; to change dates from to ; and to incorporate changes in ISBP paragraphs necessary to bring the wording in line with wording in UCP Though some of these changes are minor, practitioners would be well advised to have this latest version of the ISBP at hand.

In addition to giving needed guidance to the practitioner, the ISBP was originally created to help reduce the large percentage of documents refused for discrepancies on first presentation. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this objective has been partially attained. Though refusals remain a serious problem with letters of credit, their numbers appear to be declining, in part because of the effectiveness of the checklist contained in the ISBP. Practitioners are urged to refer to this publication whenever doubts arise as to how to structure and check documents in credits utilizing UCP

25 [MFR]

She wanted to make socks. Not the basic white socks the family had specialized in, but fashionable socks, with organic cotton and dyes. Locklear, now 36, grew up in the business. They made white sport socks for Russell Athletic, millions of them, destined for big-box stores and your own feet if you took gym class.

Dating Site Online Sometimes the man’s desire to make the situation as normal as possible, it completely retains reference to the inability of women. Some Greeks of the Diaspora tend to maintain the ancient Greek values more Greeks in Greece.

Follow us on Facebook! We buy, sell, and trade our games, just like most pinball and amusement device collectors do. To help give you an idea of what is currently available for play at the Pinball Parlour, we have compiled a list of our current games. We do our best to keep this list updated and accurate. As of the last update to this database, the Pinball Parlour currently owns Games!

From time-to-time, some of our games will be available for sale. In the following list, games that are for sale will have a price.

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Volume 45, Issue 1 , July , Pages Functional and phylogenetic implications of molar flare variation in Miocene hominoids Author links open overlay panel MichelleSingleton Show more https: Molar flare is a shape trait whose polarity, phylogenetic distribution, and functional significance have been sources of contention.

To clarify the determinants of molar flare variation in the hominoid radiation, a combination of statistical methods was employed to investigate the effects of diet, phylogeny, and geologic age upon several measures of molar shape, to identify interactions among these factors, and to estimate their relative influence. Classic indices of molar crown shape and cusp relief are highly significantly associated with diet and show no clear phylogenetic or temporal patterning.

Correlations with diet are insignificant when phylogenetic effects are controlled, a result which is interpreted as an artifact of the distribution of folivory in the Miocene hominoid radiation. Possession of pronounced molar flare was found to be the primitive condition for Miocene hominoids, but molar flare reduction cannot be considered a crown hominoid synapomorphy.

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TV Quick ceased publication in July Following their purchase of Emap in , [5] The Bauer Media Group acquired a collection of media brands. Originally it was to be called Cue named after the act of cueing a record to play. However the name was changed so that it wouldn’t be mistaken for a snooker magazine.

Dating THE CHINESE sKs. A: This is by far the most commonly asked question. Unfortunately, the real answer is The one major ding I see in this dating system is that the Chinese had to have produced the latter portions of the ghost guns, all the six digit /26\ guns, and all the 2 million /26\ guns in the same year. This equals more than.

Sir Sewalot, fearless protector of the Sewalot Site. Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications world wide. Most of us know the name Singer but few are aware of his amazing life story, his rags to riches journey from a little runaway to one of the richest men of his age.

The story of Isaac Merritt Singer will blow your mind, his wives and lovers his castles and palaces all built on the back of one of the greatest inventions of the 19th century. For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff. This is a simple guide to dating your early Singer sewing machines.

I do hope you find it useful. Where your Singer has two serial numbers always choose the larger of the two to date your machine. Singer machine serial number dating Guide Please note this is only a guide, not gospel!