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Share We installed the Oil and Coolant Filtration kit on a F with just over , miles on the clock. The team at Sinister went to great lengths to be sure their kit would fit right and make for a very simple install. With nothing more than basic hand tools we were able to install the complete kit in the garage in less than one hour. On the cooling system side of things, the Sinister Coolant Filter kit will start by removing small solid particles from your cooling system to help keep the engine coolers, water pump and radiator clean. Sinister says that typically you can expect to change the spin-on filter three times within the first nine months of driving. These more frequent filter changes will remove most of the debris from the system and allow you to go to a once-a-year service interval, depending on mileage driven. During this installation process, we had also opted to install a Sinister billet fuel filter cap. Since our oil filtration system came equipped with billet oil filter and oil filler caps that would allow us to feed and return engine oil at the external 2 Micron AMSOIL filter, it only made sense to replace the factory plastic fuel filter cap with the matching billet piece from Sinister as well. Direct Replacement The OEM filter caps are made of a hard plastic that has become prone to cracking and stripping out while doing general filter services.

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Transmission cooler kits usually come with all the necessary tools, hardware and directions to install it yourself. First, you’ll want to consider exactly where you want to mount your transmission cooler — there’s not exactly a specific spot inside your engine compartment where you’re required to place it, so you’re given a little room to be creative; however it’s still important to place it somewhere where you’ll get the most efficiency out of the cooler.

If you mount your transmission cooler behind your bumper, for example, there’s little chance of it being very efficient since it relies heavily on airflow. Mounting the cooler in front of the radiator and the air conditioning condenser is typically considered the best place.

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Install the oil cooler 2 to the frame with three clamps 4 , three socket head screws 1 , three nuts 5 and six washers 3 from the kit. Orient the clamps flat side forward and on the forward side of the oil cooler. Tighten the three oil cooler mounting screws to in- lbs Remove the spin-on oil filter and oil filter adapter 1 from oil filter mount location. Clean the oil filter mounting area thoroughly.

Discard oil filter and adapter.

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When talking about the Ford 6. Though not necessarily catastrophic, both of these issues are a big pain in the ass and cost the owners tons of money and down time. The main cause of both of these issues are a combination of 2 things. There is one subsystem in the engine that causes more headaches for owners than either the head gaskets or EGR coolers; the High Pressure Oil System.

One of the most popular upgrades for the is the addition or upgrade of the external oil cooler. Without a doubt, it is very important on an air-cooled engine to .

For one, motor oil never reaches steady state. It cools in the pan, then gets hot as it moves through the engine and reaches different temperatures depending on where in the engine it is There is just less of a temperature gradient. Basically at this point, the oils viscosity becomes so low it blows out of the journal bearings with out much pressure, with out oil pressure a journal bearing is useless.

You could use water to lube a journal bearing if you wanted. A while back someone made the comment to me that oil temperature is always slightly higher than water temperature. So I took their word. I do not have an oil cooler. As for the oil temp being degrees from the cooler, i doubt its that warm, after all it runs through an aluminum line part way back to the engine

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FordAssasin Member Love It!! My buddy did the same thing on his dodge van i know dodge uuugghhh haha but im curious on this mod working for my 99′ Tahoe,I have a trans temp gauge on order but i would like to add the aux cooler for the tranny and give my radiator a break. So let me know if this will work on my Tahoe she has the 5. I have to take issue with running rubber cooler lines all the way from the transmission to the cooler.

FEULING® Offset sandwich adapters allow easy hook up of any style remote oil cooler or additional oil filter set up. These adapters are designed with a pressure relief valve vs. the standard thermostat this allows constant oil flow through your remote oil cooler with total protection from starving the engine of oil flow. 1/8” NPT ports, fittings not included.

I had a slow oil leak that looked like it was coming from the oil filter. I tried many possible solutions, including replacing the oil filter. Upon more thorough investigation, it looked like the oil leak was coming from just above the oil filter. Forum searches suggested issues such as the infamous head gasket leak, etc. I visited a Subaru dealer and asked the parts guy if he was familiar with the issue. He seemed to immediately know what was going on, and told me I needed a new oil cooler gasket.

The oil cooler is the cylindrical object between the oil filter and the engine block. This guide is from my memory of doing the repair, so I apologize for any inaccuracies. Oil I used 5W full synthetic. I suspect it is actually a metric value. Look at the attached pictures. Download the Subaru instructions PDF. Read through everything first, just in case.

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Tweet Most experts agree that the main benefit of using synthetic oil is the convenience of longer oil change intervals. And though synthetic is much more expensive, it’s worth the extra cost for drivers that dont want to change their oil as frequently. When shopping for oil, it’s hard to go wrong if you use a brand approved by the manufacturer and the correct viscosity.

Our picks for the best synthetic oil show consistent performance over long drains.

One of the most popular upgrades for the is the addition or upgrade of the external oil cooler. Without a doubt, it is very important on an air-cooled engine to .

Oil cooler core, adapter assemblies, mounting brackets, hoses, covers, and all other necessary mounting hardware Premium Oil Cooler Kit is rated 3. Rated 4 out of 5 by mxlopix from Nice! Installation was fairly easy and the instructions were decent enough to get it done right. The Arizona heat can be brutal, and the bike could get close to degrees on a hot day. After the cooler was installed, it seems to hover around the degree mark on a degree day. No leakage has been observed and it looks good on the bike.

The only reason I didn’t give this cooler five stars is that the chrome cover for it is installed using an adhesive. Using a glue to attach a part to a Harley Davidson seems rather Mickey Mouse to me.

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Great Cooler Average rating: It weighs about 32lbs empty. It is made out of molded plastic that is some heavy duty stuff!

Jun 11,  · The oil cooler is relocated to the front passenger side of the engine compartment between the radiator and the battery. See here: IPR External Oil Cooler Kit for Ford Powerstroke This is interesting.

May 17, edited Thanks, Bob. I was actually wondering if I could get away with no oil cooler at all during the break-in period, but being able to use the old one will definitely be better. I’d take some Lacquer thinner or Acetone and wipe away all that spray paint where the oil filter adapter screws on. Why would someone paint that area? I was planning to take a wire wheel to it, but thinner or some other chemical would likely make less dust to drift off into an oil channel or something.

I don’t think they painted it intentionally; my guess is that it’s just overspray, but still.

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