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They Boys were performing now and you had to wait backstage until they were over. A tall Young man comes next to you. You look up to see its Harry Styles , He was gorgeous. Hows about we go on a date sometime? You and luke kept your relationship on the down-low. You didnt want the fans to freakout about you two. He didnt even tell the boys. He invited you to one of there concerts to meet for the first times. You two met in a room by yourselves.

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You pratically yelled, closing your locker. You let go with clenched teeth. You rolled your eyes, whatever. You tried to focus on your class without thinking about it. It was true, since freshman year, Michael and you had a particular relationship, you loved you a lot but when you found out about the girls he was seeing, you sorta get jealous and stopped talking to him, and since then, your relationship was like that; sneaky comments, fake smiles and shared hatred.

Kinda confusing why would anyone break up with him and find someone else, especially when pregnant with his kid he looks sort of horrified.>>>>>no hes turned on and then hes horrified thsr hes on tv One direction pictures I LOVE ONE DIRECTION Direction quotes 5SOS imagines 1D and 5sos One Direction Preferences James Horan 1Direction.

Damn it was hard to hate her. You lightly hug her back, smiling at Calum over her shoulder. He smiles back, with welcoming eyes, but they appear darker than usual. We all grab jackets and go out to catch a bus to get there. You get to the highest you’re allowed to go and start looking out over the landscape of the beautiful city of Seattle.

You turn to Michael and grab his hand, squeezing it harder and harder as they kiss for longer. After a bit of Calum being indecisive, you decide to get some pizza from a local place and you sit down at a table next to Michael with Calum across from you. You all order a large cheese because it’s all you could decide on and you slowly start to realize that they’re being kind of hands-y under the table.

You excuse yourself to the bathroom and stay in the stall, trying not to cry. It was an insane notion for you to cry over something like this, but after liking Calum for so long, it was hard seeing him with this girl, who he obviously was falling in love with. You must’ve been in there for a long time because you hear a knocking on the stall. You attempt to compose your voice. You open the tampon so it makes the noise and throw it into the trash.

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Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor Preference: Luke has been your best friend since you moved next door when you were 8 years old. He secretly had a crush on you, as so did you. Although, you would never imagine him wanting to be more than friends with you. You guys were so close that hugging on a daily basis was normal for you.

Imagine: You’ve been dating Calum for quite a while now, and he is considerably into PDA which brings up questions. Find this Pin and more on 5SOS by Ksdberg_. lol his face when he touches the butt.

Saturday, 22 March Ashton: The front door to you house slammed loudly making you raise you head up in confusion. He stormed into the living room throwing his jacket down on the floor. Sighing you stood grabbing his hand and pulling him back over to the couch. Sitting on his lap you pulled him into a hug rubbing your small hands over his back and shoulders trying to calm him down.

Ashton calmed a little pulling you closer. Smirking up at your boyfriend you landed a light kiss onto his soft lips. He ran a hand through his dark hair and you sighed wrapping your arms around his waist. He was tense but eventually gave in wrapping his strong arms around you shoulders. Calum sighed resting his head on yours. Your cheeks blushed and you felt the familiar butterflies flutter about in your stomach at his words. You loved it when he said things like that to you, his words always had the best effect.

Raising your head up you set a kiss on his lips.

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You and Michael were the only ones in the house, but the house should have been empty by now. You folded your arms across your chest and glared at him. You were beyond frustrated.

calum hood x reader Most recent you can be. Right, baby?” + “You can’t cum until I say so. Understand?” + “What do you think about adding someone else calum hood imagine calum hood preference calum hood fanfiction calum hood x reader 5sos imagines 5sos imagine 5sos preference 5sos blurbs 5sos preferences 5 seconds of.

The two of you remained quiet and motionless in her living room, flipping through old photo albums, baby books, cameras – looking for something to hold on to, something to remember your late father by. Your dad had passed in a freak accident, driving home from a business trip. The girl who hit him was texting. You could still plainly see the pale look of shock and pain as your mother got the phone call, and the frigid whisper of her voice as she said your father had been in a car accident.

At first, the three of you rushed to the hospital to be with him, and you pretty much lived there as you waited for him to get better. They had to pull the plug. Now, your phone sat untouched on the counter in the kitchen – where it had remained for the past few days. A phone, a damn phone, had killed your father. Your dad was dressed in a blue suit and wore an obnoxious pink flower on the pocket; your mother was clad in a stunning baby pink gown, with that same obnoxious flower around her wrist – her corsage.

Just pressing the home button revealed thirty missed calls and Sixty-one text messages from your boyfriend and at least fifteen from each of his bandmates, collected over the past five days. What a terrible word. What a terrible thing. I called you like fifty times. One day, you and your sister were planning a big dinner to welcome your dad home from his trip, and now, you were planning his funeral.

FIFA World Cup

You had both had a few drinks, you more than Isaac. Couches and tables were pushed to the side of the room to form a makeshift dance floor. Teenagers surrounding us were grinding up against each other to the beat of the music that was being blasted through out the house. You were completely focused on the curly haired boy in front of you.

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Your older brother came home one day with his friend Harry, you had seen him a couple of times because they hung out a lot and you thought Harry was kind of You were sitting on the couch studying your phone as the door swiftly opened. Your brother and Harry came in laughing. You quickly drew your attention to them and your eyes widedned as they met with Harry’s for a sharp second.

Your brother stopped laughing and looked over at you. You remember Harry, right? You nodded and looked at Harry again. He waved and smiled at you. You returned the friendly gesture as you got up to go to the kitchen. Your brother was already in there going thought the fridge. Your brother stood up with three bottles of water in both of his hands. He closed the refrigerator door with his foot. He handed one to you and one to Harry and kept one for hisself.

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The outfit you see in the one your wearing, duh. You had helped Lindsay into her florescent yellow dress, and Sydney into her dark purple dress. As they got you in yours, you looked in the mirror. Damn, you thought, you looked so much like your mom. You were taken away, by social services, because you parents beat you.

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I hear something shatter from downstairs and I shake Calum, “Cal, Cal wake up! I wait, holding my breath and I hear a grunt and a huge thud, like someone rolling down the stairs and I hop off the bed and open up the door and I see Calum with the bat raised over his head and the robber at the foot of the stairs. A window smashes and Ashton sits up on the couch, “Babe?

He pulls me into our bedroom, locking the door behind us as my hand still tightly grips his and my phone, the police still on the other end. Mikey and I were on the couch sleeping when I woke up and heard someone trying to pick the lock on the back door. He pulled me so fast up the stairs I was afraid I’d trip, he holds me close, his gentle features have turned serious and I ruffle his hair, “Its okay He puts his arm around me as we lay in bed, his voice whispering out our address to the dispatcher and he mutters a “Thank you” and puts the phone under his pillow, I’m shaking so bad I cant even think straight.

He shushes me, stroking my back, “Its okay, she said they’ll be here in ten minutes.

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I like him but hes dating someone else Any kind of somdone you are giving to his actions will be more of what he needs for survival. Datinf Relationships Adulthood Faith. There is nothing she could have done that deserved having him someon her life. He likely would have called me at on a Friday to hang out at i like him but hes dating someone else.

“Did you notice the moving van across the street?” I questioned. “Yes. I wonder who moved in.” Leo replied and finished his bagel. “Hopefully they’ll introduce themselves soon. I’m so curious.” I said excitedly. There are no interesting people living on our street. It’d be so great if .

I write 1D and 5SOS preferences. If you have an idea, inbox me ; My inbox is always open!!! I have been writing it for days!! Hope you guys like it. Please send in preference requests if you have any ideas!! You found your boyfriend cheating on you, the boyfriend that you had just confessed to him that you loved him.

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